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There is also this kind of operation, not only pays wages, but also pays resumption subsidies


As a supporting supplier of ventilators for epidemic prevention and medical supplies, Shenzhen Q&D Circuits Co., Ltd. has a heavy trust and mission. Resuming work one day earlier will give you more hope. The company has made various preparations for the resumption of work early. From February 1, 2020, it has started home office to prepare for the resumption of work. On the one hand, it initiates personnel recalls and registration declarations, prepares protective equipment for resumption of work, and reserves the start of work on the other hand. The required orders and production materials.

  Finally, on February 8, 2020, Shenzhen's first enterprise resumption instruction was issued, and Shenzhen Q&D Circuits Co., Ltd. immediately filed for the resumption of work and officially resumed work on February 14.

Every day after resuming work is a battle against the epidemic. It is necessary to properly arrange the accommodation of each employee, ensure that each employee eats and drink safely, distribute protective equipment, check body temperature, disinfect work and living areas, and organize and report to employees daily Health status, every job can't be sloppy.

In order to thank employees for overcoming difficulties and returning to work, and at the same time to help employees through the difficult time of the epidemic, the company waived all employee food expenses; and paid daily to employees who returned to work during the severe epidemic period (February 1st to February 21st) Living allowances range from 50-150 yuan per person per day, with the highest being 3,000 yuan.

During the epidemic, we can see the true feelings, and the company loves to warm people's hearts. Let us praise the company together and hope that the company will get better day by day.