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Good news: Q&D's project of 12oz ultra-thick copper successfully passed UL certification


In February 2017, the 12oz ultra-thick copper plate project that our company applied for successfully passed the American UL certification, becoming the first domestic PCB manufacturer to obtain the ultra-thick copper UL certification. At present, only four of them in the world have passed, which signifies the ultra-thick circuit of Qiangda Copper technology has reached the domestic leading level, and there has been a further leap in technology!
Other approved manufacturers include Taiyo KOGYO (Taiyo KOGYO, April 2014), German B&B (B&B Sachsenelektronik, September 2014), and Taiwan  Chin-poon Industrial, April 2016

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[News] GPCA | SPCA Executive Council and General Meeting held in Shenzhen

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