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[Reprinted: CPCA] The 2019 industry senior engineer, engineer title review results released



In order to actively build a performance and ability-oriented social talent uation mechanism, provide objective and fair social uations for professional and technical positions (posts) employed by industry enterprises, and give full play to the professional and technical advantages of China Electronic Circuit Industry Association (CPCA). In 2019, the uation work of senior engineers and engineers in China's electronic circuit industry began to in May. There were 39 applicants (electronic files). As of the end of August, it was in line with the fifth meeting of the Seventh Council of China Electronic Circuit Industry Association. The "Detailed Rules for the Evaluation of Professional Qualifications for Chinese Printed Circuits (Senior Engineers)" and "Details for the Evaluation of Professional Qualifications for Chinese Printed Circuits (Engineers)" that have been reviewed and passed have 34 people who have been included in the review list for the basic requirements for application and review Submitted written materials for investigation.



After submitting the preliminary review to the review committees, on November 1, 2019, the "2019 Industry Engineers and Senior Engineers Review Meeting" was held in Conference Room V3, 4th Floor, Dongguan Convention International Hotel. The status quo of the technical staff and the requirements of the review rules fully expressed their views and opinions, and the discussion atmosphere was very lively.


The expert judges carefully and carefully reviewed and judged the list of "Summary of Senior Engineers and Engineers Applicants in the Electronic Circuit Industry 2019", and finally passed the secret ballot (more than half of the members present are passed).

The 11 senior engineers in the industry are:

Guangdong Kexiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Gao Tuanfen, Zeng Xiangfu

Kunshan Dongwei Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Jianbo, Zhu Aiming, Jiang Zejun

Pengding Holdings (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. He Mingzhan

Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. Wang Qiang, Zhang Linwu

Shenghong Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Yao Feng

Dongguan Kangyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. Yang Jianyong, Cui Hongbing

The 21 persons who have been rated as industry engineers are:

Kunshan Dongwei Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Zhipeng, Zhang Zhen, Li Jianzhong, Jiang Jinli

Dongguan Kangyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. Du Jun, Li Minjie, Chen Song, Gao Ning, Xiao Jianguang, Zhao Boji

Jiangxi Jingwang Precision Circuit Co., Ltd. He Xiaoqiang, Xiao Jinhui

Huizhou Zhongjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Qiu Chengwei and Li Xiaowang

Shenzhen Q&D Circuits Co., Ltd. Wan Yingqi

Guangdong Kexiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Xin

Shenghong Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Jiang Hua

Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. Xu Weilian, Chen Feijian, Chen Jie

Huizhou Jinbaize Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. Nie Xingpei


Here we congratulate them, and hope that more industry technicians will participate in our association's industry senior engineers and engineers review and application next year. We always firmly believe that to use professional knowledge and enthusiasm to help technical personnel in the industry solve problems is the manifestation and proof of the association's own value. We will continue to serve the industry and make our due contributions to the promotion of talent training and technological progress in the industry.