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JiangXi Q&D Circuits Tech CO.LTD started to start the oath meeting


On the special day of January 3, 2018, all the staff of Q&D Circuits Group grandly held the "Jiangxi Q&D Circuits Tech Co., Ltd. Commencement Oath Conference and Jiangxi Factory Key Staff Farewell Party" in Fufa Industrial Park. The theme of this conference is: Go all out, pioneer and innovate, and march on a new journey. Work hard to win a new great victory in the history of Q&D circuits development!

More than 600 staff of Q&D Company witnessed this glorious moment. This is a landmark sign in the history of Q&D circuits development! Today, the Charge was sounded for the opening of the second battlefield, which marked a qualitative leap forward for Q&D Circuits from small and medium-sized to group development.

      First of all, Mr. Zhu Xiaohua, the general manager, gave a mobilization speech. He said: After 14 years of development in a single factory, Q&D Circuits will be divided into two sides in 2018. We will enter the high-level and multi-level Shenzhen factory. The quality requirements are Standardized operation and detailed control will be required to be more precise and detailed. At the same time, we need to improve our CPK capabilities.     

      In 2018, we must follow the spirit of branching factories and not dividing families. After being divided into two armies, we still need to support each other. The Shenzhen factory focuses on cultivating sharp knife companies, and focuses on support and support. At the same time, the Shenzhen and Jiangxi teams are required to continue to adhere to the "customer-centric" principle, and warn all colleagues that we will always have only one leader, and that is our customer.

      In the past, our single factory could only carry out tunnel warfare, which was bayonet with competitors. Now we have tanks and artillery, and we can stand on the ground. We are full of confidence in the future and our new factory, and Q&D’s future glory belongs to everyone.

       Mr. Song Zhenwu, deputy general manager, also said that in China's current best historical era, promising Qiangda people will not fail this era, and work together to realize our Q&D dream and add color to the Chinese dream. Looking forward to Jiangxi's front-line comrades-in-arms to become the pillars of talent, and to take the lead in the future.

       Mr. Long Hua, the director of the Shenzhen factory, said that he would always give the greatest support in the future. At the same time, he also put forward three requirements for the soldiers in the Jiangxi factory:

       1. The branch factory does not divide the family. In the new home, we must obey the arrangement, organized and disciplined to do the best in each job

       2. Continue to promote proactive and conscious work habits, and refuse to be passive

       3. Be a good "leader", take the initiative to take responsibility, don't shirk, don't buckle.

      In addition, while building a new home, we learn more new knowledge, new skills, new ideas, get more exercises, improve ourselves, return triumphantly, and provoke greater and more important burdens.

     Jiangxi employee representative Ms. Xue Shanshan and Mr. Hao Tenghua said that when the Jiangxi factory is about to start, as a strong talent, he will carry a common dream of strong talent, adapt to the development and needs of the company, reposition himself and set a higher level Goals and requirements. In this tough battle that goes side by side with the times, we work harder to learn professional knowledge, demand ourselves with higher and stricter standards, and complete every little thing in our hands carefully and meticulously. In the future work, give out more light and heat, reflect one's own value, become a talented person, and work tirelessly for the company's development and personal improvement!

       Mr. Zhang Pu, the director of the Jiangxi factory, thanked the company leaders at all levels for their guidance and training. In addition to the key employees supported by the Shenzhen factory, he also put forward the terms confidence and responsibility. No matter how difficult it is, we face it. And led the Jiangxi colleagues to make a declaration in front of all leaders.