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Big News | Q&D Circuits won the honor of Best Specialized and New Employer in Baoan District


  On June 6, Baoan District Best Employer Award Organizing Committee officially released the "2022 Shenzhen Baoan District Second Best Employer Award in the Manufacturing Industry Award List" to the public, Qiangda Circuit was ed to the list together with seven other PCB companies, and the list is as follows. 

Baoan District Best Employer List
(Full Version)

  It is understood that the 2nd Best Employer Award in the manufacturing industry is organised by the Human Resources Bureau of Bao'an District, Shenzhen. It mainly helps and guides enterprises to understand the strategic objectives of the government, obtain industry-oriented subsidies from the government and help them to achieve cost reduction and efficiency. It also helps the government to identify the potential stocks in each industry and provides a reference basis for the government's next strategic planning, etc.